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15 days... How did that happen?!

Can't believe I'm at 15 days already!!

I've been a bit rubbish at logging in to update so I will try to do better but I can honestly say that this has been my easiest quit ever. I haven't used food Ada replacement in any major way like I have before and I've even been exercising the last few days which I haven't done since school and I started the couch 2 5k challenge too!

I have one of those wrist monitor thingies that's kind of keeping me on track and reminding me to move so that's helping too.

My stomach does not love champix as much as I do sadly so I've cut the dose down to one tablet a day and can't wait to finish the course but they're doing such a great job that I'm sticking with it.

Hope all my fav quit buddies are doing ok x

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Hi and congrats on achieving so much already. Having a goal of the 5k is great, when do you think you will be doing it?


Hello again FF30, good to see you back well done on your 15 days xx


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