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day 3 round 2


Into day 3 and feeling ok apart from feeling a little hostile towards everyone indoors but nothing I can't handle, just keeping my gob shut. Been using half a patch since day 1 as the full patch probably stimulated me too much and I have an irregular heartbeat. I really missed having a nap in the afternoon over the past 5 weeks so hopefully, now I've dropped patch strength, I can resume normal snoring activity. Have the odd crave but it really does only last a few mins. Am much happier in myself again but still have the anxiety grumbling away which I am working on. Xx7

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Morning Gerti :)

So glad to hear you're feeling better than you were. I shall keep my fingers crossed that going down to half a patch will sort out the sleep and irregular heartbeat issues. As for feeling a trifle irritated- I'm sure your family will understand if you're a bit on the grumpy side for a while and if things get really bad just come on here and shout blue murder. We shan't mind a bit.

Have you managed to see your GP yet re the anxiety/depression side of things?

thanks skiddaw. Seeing gp on Thurs and am looking forward to getting some help. Over the years I have tried lots of self help with some success but since hitting 50 I have really struggled. Quitting the fangs in dec has rocketed all anxiety symptoms and it scared the living daylights out of me. Thought id leave the autocorrect word 'fangs' in as it seems quite appropriate 😃

LOL!! It does indeed! :D

If it is any consolation, I'm the same age as you (I was 50 last June) and I, too, became very anxious when I quit. Admittedly, that was most unusual for me but I certainly found it hard to deal with. The only good thing about it was that I felt too churned up to eat so unlike most quitters, I lost weight. The anxiety symptoms did gradually diminish thankfully, and I hope it will be the same for you. I do wonder if it is hormonal as well (it sounds like you've noticed a hormonal pattern to it).

Glad you're seeing your GP soon. Do let us know what the outcome is. :)

Yes I will keep the forum updated and hopefully it may help others when they quit 😃

Thanks to each and everyone of you as I happen to think you all rock xx

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