3 Hours into Day 2

Can't believe that I haven't smoked since yesterday morning. I had a fairly restless night, but have survived. Today is rough. I have a headache that will not go away, and am constantly sweating. Have already taken two showers, which help, and had a decent breakfast.

I just need to get through the next hour, and the next, and all the ones that come after that.

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  • Hi JTee :D

    Sorry you're finding today a bit rough with a headache and also a restless night and sweating

    I'm afraid this is all part and parcel of quiting caused by more oxygen in the blood and therefore getting to the brain, but it doesn't last long Just hang in there OK


    Marg xx

  • It's right what Marg said Jtee, it will be a bit rough at first, try and struggle through it though and you need never have to go through it again. Try and battle it for the remainder of today and tomorrow you'll be a bit closer to your recovery. It is worth it in the long run. David

  • Just went past 48 hours. Hard to believe. Still going strong.

  • Just went past 48 hours. Hard to believe. Still going strong.

    Keep it up mate, 48 hours now, great isn't it, time will fly by now. Well done. David

  • Well done mate youre doing so well, i mean it:D

    I stopped on NSD and I really didnt think I'd get to lunchtime. I took it every 5 minutes at a time, and said to myself right if my heads that done in by 5 o'clock I'll have a cig. 5 o'clock came and went and I honestly felt better and thought I'll try get to the morning and so on. It was really tough going in the beginning but yesterday I got to the 1 month mark yeharrr!! Its not been easy but I'm not going through this again!! If I give in i know that i'll have to go through nother quit because my lungs are getting worse. I'm 35 and have had a history of bronchitis,so I shouldnt have smoked, but heyho. Last year the doctor put me on steroids twice because the antibiotics werent touching it , that really scared me. I've been warned in the past but when youre younger you feel invincible!! Youre not.

    Sorry for the ramble!! I really hope you keep it up because you've made the biggest and best decision to improve your health and you will feel the benefits soon.

    Keep strong x

  • Hi JTee :D

    well done you on your 3rd day that's great a pat on the back is in order


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Well done Jtee

    Just take each hour as it comes the first few days are the worse but things get better very fast. Get to the end of the week and you will feel like a million dollors. xxxxxxx

  • happy here and now!

    i'm on day 2 and i'm about a halfnonsmokin day behind u -its great NOW wen u dont smoke dude-

    just think about the here and now-so long as u dont smoke now thats wat counts-think about th future wen ur in it!its now that counts and now we'r happy nonsmokers!

    well done to us all-PAT ON THE BACK ALL ROUND!

  • Things can only get better....

    JTee stick with it, honestly it does get easier, I can defro speak from experience..... The first 3 days for me were the worst, U are well on your way now... Keep up the good work It is more then worth it Kaz:p

  • Get on there - well done. Seriously day 3 is crap - but it does get better. I'm now on day 11 and I have to say that for the last two days I haven't even thought about smoking (the first week thats all i could think about). Just be strong - it is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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