No Smoking Day
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Day 2 smashed, now for day 3

Fingers crossed yesterdays feeling rubbish was the end of the initial rubbish coming out of my system.

Feel a lot more energised today, and off shopping in a minute to buy myself a treat with the money I saved yesterday.

I'm aiming for the whole of stoptober to put my fag to good use and buy something nice everyday. Yesterday as a reward for day 1, I downloaded some kindle books.

Today, I'm off to find myself something nice in Boots. Possibly some nice nail stuff to get ready to show off my new stain free hands. :D

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Well done :D

Let's hope we can stick it out, I'm really surprised at how I've held out so far, no cravings, it's amazing!

Good luck today :)


great struff and congratulations to you both. You are well on the way now! :)

Its great that you feel so confident as i did (and do) and your positive attitude will help you like noithing else can. Keep loving it more and more each day.

Beware of complacency tough - shes a bitch.




I'm on day 3 too!

I've saved all 3 days fag money and I am planning to buy myself something new tonight... I think its good to get something special as a reward!

I had the strangest dream last night that I was smoking, basically that i'd started again and my husband saw me and was disappointed....

Scarily real, woke up at 5.30am feeling gutted with myself until i worked out it must have been a dream cause I know there are none in the house and I've had had to go along way to buy any at that hour!

Strange thing is i think it may have helped me, because I'm convienced I had one I don't want one as much - how weird is that???!!!

Starting to get scared about the weekend now... hubbie is at work all weekend, so i'll be all alone at home all weekend!!! :eek:


Well done to my other day 3ers. We are doing so well.

Anyhow bought myself some new nail polish as well as some herbal sleeping stuff in case the insomnia hits again tonight. Also bought some corsodyl, ready for the nasties being sorted in my mouth. Already got a horrible taste constantly. Anyone else have it.

Bub, my husband is working over the weekend as well. Looking it as a positivie things. Normally, I polish a bottle of wine off in front of the TV, that equal fags. As he won't be there I'm in sole charge of the kids and equals coke, popcorn and the x factor.


Enjoy your Kindle books, why should you not enjoy the cash for yourself? I didn't save a lot financially as I wasn't spending a lot on tobacco but it still works out that it pays for Sky Sports every month :)

I had the taste thing too, still do to an extent but it's getting slowly sorted...hope you're still with us today anyway!


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