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hullo week 2

So I'm oficially on day 8. The start of this week feels so much better than last week, even had a couple of beers Saturday night, and it wasnt really that hard to push those voices out of my head!

It's so true that the quitter needs to be emotionally in tune with their quit, those nasty sticks seem to penetrate those gaps of uncertainty and weakness whenever they can!

So far so good, but I'm under no illusion that those difficult days ar'nt too far away!

Good luck to your all and keep up the good quit!

Quit date 4.1.15

20 a day

last quit Oct 12 for 8 months

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well done Gally. I struggle with beers. I dont go out drinking, but I can stay in and drink with my other half as there is no shops near by so cant drive and get some!

Amazing that you are so in tune, keep up the good work! :D


Congratulations and welcome to week two. I'm on day 9 so just ahead of you clearing the path


Gally, forging your way through your first complete week is a blinder of an achievement. You've built yourself a strong foundation and I'll bet you find Week Two will fly by in comparison to Week One. :D

By this time next week you'll be half way through your first month and how marvellous is that? All I can say is that the 2015 quitters are already proving to be one formidable bunch. :)


Well done!!! Keep going x


Thanks guys! Your support is amazing!! x


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