I made it!

haven't been on here for a long time but just wanted to pop in to say that I have made it to the one year mark. As well as determination and will power (and nicotine replacement!) I was helped a great deal by people on this forum in the early days. Thank you very much. And well done to Lindy Loo for getting here too! Good luck to everyone on here and here's to another year of being an ex smoker!

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  • Many congratulations from me, so lovely of you to post.

    Another success story, my word that penthouse is going to need modifying, to house all the one year quitters.

    Brilliant, so pleased for you,

  • So good for us learners to see your success thank you x

  • Huge congratulations to you! Well done on reaching your 1st year, so happy for you!

  • Many congratulations to you on reaching the Penthouse.

  • Thank you all for your kind words! X

  • Flipping well done Mags! :)

    You snuck in without us noticiing dodn't you? Many, many congratulations from me. I couldn't be more delighted for you. You'll love it here in the Penthouse and the fizz is being cracked as we speak. :D

  • Awesome news Waggers!! :D

    Well done.


  • Well done Mag, and thank you for posting. It's great to see people come back to post that they are still smoke free. :)

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