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Day 37


Hi all, still smoke free and had a dream last night that I'd smoked. How strange, don't remember smoking in dreams when I did smoke. Actually finding today much easier, and didn't think of cigarettes when I woke up this morning. I know I am still vulnerable, but don't have that lost feeling today. Did what you lovely folk suggested and treated myself end of my first month......bought my boys some new clothes and I have a new jacket and boots ( unintentionally my first month ended as the sales started) already eyeing up a handbag for next months treat!

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Hi Caroline :)

Very well done. I keep dreaming I have started smoking again, and feeling absolutely disgusted with myself. The feeling of elation when I wake up and realise I haven't is great though :)

Caroline this is fantastic, with such a strong positive , and practical out look, your well on your way to success, it's so wonderful to have a bit of spare cash as a treat for doing so ver well.

Brilliant, well don you

Congratulations Caroline! We shall (of course) need pics of said handbag when you purchase it...:)

Oh, that smoking dream is horrid isn't it? I don't think there's a quitter out there who hasn't had it. My OH still has it occasionally and he quit nearly 12 years ago.

Congratulations Caroline.

I've never had a dream where I smoked. You must all be so relieved when you realise it's just a dream.

Thank you, It was daft, I remembered smoking in the dream but nothing else. Was really disappointed and was contemplating what to do as I was waking up. Was relieved it was just a dream, have googled it and apparently not uncommon when you have quit smoking. Got an early shift tomorrow so must get my head down, nite nite x

Smoking dreams are part of a quit for a few, they are quite odd tbh.

Well done you.

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