No Smoking Day
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730 days!

That's how long it is since I had my last smoke!

To say I am pleased with myself is an understatement, I am absolutely ecstatic :D Never thought I could go past 2 days, never mind 2 years :eek:

The first year was really hard, am not going to lie and at times didn't think I would make it to a year, but with a LOT of support, mainly from this forum, Kat, Max, Gem, Haze to name but a few, I struggled on through.

The second year however.......... A piece of cake, never thought I would ever say that, but can now sit with smokers and not flicker in the slightest, I actually feel sorry for them when I see them standing out in the cold! My hubby is still smoking and on NY eve we went out and he kept nipping out for a smoke and was absolutely frozen to the bone, yeah, I really don't miss that :p

So to anyone just starting out, keep at it, it may seem hard right now, but it is worth the battle, I promise and it really really does get easier :):):)

Lots of love

Angela xxx

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It really is Lostie, I followed your tail lights too, so thanks xxxx


Really lovely post Hellerscatch and many congratulations from me too. Here's to a smoke-free 2015 :D


Thanks everyone, I would never be complacent Max, have know too many people fail that way NOPE means NOPE x


Such a lovely post, how fantastic, many congratulations, having a drink to celebrate 2015 smoke free.



Congratulations on your two smoke free years.


Thank you everyone. Kat it feels really good to be here, 2 years on, as you yourself will know in a couple of weeks time ;) and it's also lovely that a lot of us from back then are still quit, gooo us, long may it continue x x x


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