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Into Day 3!

Hi everyone

So just into day 3. I've had hardly any sleep and physically I feel pretty rough. I'm torn at the moment between whether this is the start of the physical effects of the quit or I am coming down with the cold I've been dodging from everyone around me! I found it so hard to get to sleep last night, I was absolutely fizzing with energy. I had to do some crunches and push-ups just to use some of it up!!! I can only put that down to actually having oxygen in my blood for the first time in ages. Very, very unlike me! Anyway it didn't work and I was awake most of the night reading. When I did doze off it wasn't long before I woke again. I used to suffer terribly with insomnia, but haven't had any trouble sleeping for the last 8 months or so. I'm sure this will only be temporary.

Anyway, apologies for waffling on! Into day 3, don't feel the brightest I ever have, but I know I won't smoke :)

Keep on keeping on good people

Cheers :)

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It is temporary so just keep that in mind. They say you should not exercise, drink tea/coffee/coke ect 4 hrs before you go to bed and I can vouch for that. A big well done x


Stick with it Jim - it is part of the healing, feels rubbish but it will pass :)

We 2015 quitters are soooo going to breeze through day 3... just look at us - hour by hour, day by day, we're doing it!!

Amazing right? :cool:




Morning Jim :)

Sorry you had a pants night but as our Mina says, it's all part of the healing process. I don't think there's a single quitter out there who didn't experience a disturbed sleep pattern during the early days but it will indeed pass and will soon be eclipsed by all the positive quitting symptoms.

Just look at how well you're doing! :D


Hi Jim - hope you made it through the day. This is my third quit attempt and, frankly, this point of day 3 is the furthest I have got yet (usually fall at the 'just one last puff won't hurt' hurdle at about lunch time). Reading other people's positive comments helps enormously and, this time, I am determined to stay the course! Huge hurray to all of the other 2015 quitters on the same path.


Get through day 3,which anyone will tell you is the first milestone and you are halfway through the first week.Your doin great,keep your mindset and that first week will be tucked under your belt before you know it...........

Well done,


Hey guys :)

Thank you for all your positive words. I can't lie, today has been a tough one. It has been a 'perfect storm' kind of day for testing my resolve. Started off tired and feeling crappy, then had an emotionally draining (not quit related) day. It always seems to happen when I am starting a quit. Sometimes I manage to style it out, sometimes I cave. Today I got through it, because I am going to be bloo dy minded about this quit, and it won't get the better of me. I got through today, I didn't smoke and I won't smoke. To anyone out there in the same boat, stick it out. It's hard, but you get through it. We are all much better than this stupid vile addiction. It won't beat me, this time!!

So thank you all once again, I must apologise for not posting all day, I just buried my head and got on with it.

To you guys with well established quits, you are so inspirational and the help, advice and time you invest in us new quitters is humbling. I salute you all :)

To you guys heading out on the road to freedom this month, let's stick together and push on through. We will get there.

Keep on keeping on good people

Cheers :)


It is without doubt just so horrid in those first few days, and I recall thinking will it get better, but it does!! The more you resist, the weaker mr nico becomes, and once again you will begin to feel better.

The issue with having a smoke us, you will just want another.

Dig deep, post and read often, you have to break the addiction, now that does take a little while, but you can do this, believe me you can


I can't add much more to whats already been written here but wanted to add my support and hope you have a better night's sleep and a better day tomorrow.


Thank you guys :) feeling so much better now, all the drama and stress has subsided and I feel like I'm cruising! Sure there will be another low around the corner, but I'm all up for tackling it :)

I've been drinking loads (non alcoholic, stopped that as well!) I think it helps take the mind off of smoking and I always feel better when I am properly hydrated. I've been trying to not eat too much, but have had plenty of fruit and reasonably healthy food (not going to be too hard on myself with that one!)

Anyway, the upshot of all this is I feel much better tonight and am looking forward to a decent nights sleep and motoring through day 4!

Thanks once again to you all :)


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