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Day two not that poo


So I'm almost at the end of day two. I'm currently in the middle of a craving. Today has largely been good. I'm feeling very positive about this quit. Last time I had no support, this time everyone is behind me and being very supportive. I have a quit buddy in the form of my son. He's feeling it and has had a headache all day but he hasn't touched his NRT.

I have only taken a coupe of hits on my inhalator today, I didn't really feel I needed it.

Hope everyone else is having a good day. X

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Hi Vicki :)

Very well done one getting through day 2. I'm in the same boat as you, so let's go on and smash it this year :)



Super news, well done xx


Morning Vicki :)

Well done on surmounting Day Two and may Day Three be comparitively crave-free. Some wise words there from our Max about building a Nic-proof wall and if you can just hang on in there and keep piling on the cement, your fortress will be impregnable within a very short time (and the craves will be but a distant memory).

All the best to you from me.


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