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Knock Knock!!

I am coming to the penthouse tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year ago today at 9:30pm after many attempts and sometimes month long quits that turned into picking up the habit again. I decided that I was going to quit smoking for good!

I had read Allen Carr's Easyway to quit smoking 3 times, the Easy Way to Quit Smoking, then the Easy way for Women to quit smoking and finally the Easy way to quit smoking permanently. I truly believe his method works, I was just missing something to make it stick!

I remember last year being so stressed that I had to go away for the weekend with boyfriends family and I couldn't smoke, I knew I had to get through 3 days and that's what my goal was. I listened to Allen Carr's Easyway Audio book on my Iphone, it's available in the app store. During the last chapter I was sitting outside looking at my last cigarette, something was different. I knew it was my last cigarette, and it was :)

I had a moment of revelation last night at the book store, I went to purchase a copy of the book for a good friend of mine to put in her xmas gift.

I was reading the back of the book and the lady behind me in the store tapped me on the shoulder and said hey, that book works. I said 'I know, tomorrow is my one year anniversary of being smokefree' She said really? I know it works cause my mom started reading it and it was working so she stopped reading it! I told her that I had to read it a couple times and then listen to a audio book. She called her mom over and told her that I have been quit for a year with the book, her mom was not impressed. She said she isn't ready to quit smoking, kind of seem bothered like she has been being nagged about it. I remember being just like her. She said to me, Oh you are young, you couldn't of been smoking for that long. I said I smoked for 10 years! she said try quitting after 40 years. Why would I want to do that?

I mentioned to her about this forum and how many people here have been smoking for years as well as Allen Carr, and they were all able to be successful. As I was leaving I said it is honestly the best gift you can give yourself and your daughter this Christmas, not only is it free, it actually saves you money, health and happiness!

When I was leaving the mall, I remembered what I read in the book many times. As a ex-smoker who has been successful with this method, I need to spread it to all the smokers I know, to help them like Allen Carr helped me. I am going to be making a commitment to this forum this newyear to be more active and to help those in the early days, I have made I through so much this year and I am smokefree and so incredibly happy! In my early days I would come on here and read 1 year posts to motivate me to make it here as well and ...

It does get easier everyday!

It is very true that if I can do then so can you!

It is SO worth all the cravings and changes in your life!

It is remarkable how healthy you feel without smoking, and how unhealthy I was before and not even knowing it!

Food tastes better, my skin looks better, I don't cough all day anymore, I am better!

YAY to One year as SmokeFreeMe :)

“Quite simply, the key to being a happy non-smoker is to remove the desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, it takes no Willpower not to do so.”

“Eight hours after putting out a cigarette, you are 97% nicotine-free. After just three days of not smoking, you are 100% nicotine-free.”

“The whole business of smoking is like forcing yourself to wear tight shoes just to get the pleasure of taking them off.”

“The cigarette gets the credit for everything and the blame for nothing.”

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Max you certainly have a way with

You d make anyone want to quit knowing the "mystical penthouse awaits"......😆

Congratulations SMOKEFREE. fantastic news....I know the blood sweat and tears that go into a long term quit and I salute you....x


Very well done Smokefree, just before Christmas too, another reason to celebrate :)


Congrats and welcome to the penthouse Smokefreeme - I'm just new here myself but happy to show you around... :)


What a lovely post and just to add my huge congratulations , I can tell your so proud, and my word you should be.

Just fantastic . Big treats in order I hope


I was so looking forward to reading your Penthouse acceptance speech (;)) when I woke up this morning Smokefree, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Flipping well done!! In fact, make that


To have made the decision to quit so close to Christmas was incredibly brave. I thought I had caught it fine but you knocked me into a cocked hat with yours. And here you are- one year down- about the celebrate your second smoke-free Christmas and when we reach 1st January we can say we quit two years ago- how fab is that? :)

Smokefree, many, many, many congratulations and please accept a huge welcome to the Penthouse hug from me. I've just finished icing an enormous chocolate cake which is waiting in your suite along with the usual bottle of something chilled and bubbly. Hurrrah for you!!!


Woohoo another one into the penthouse, well done sfm enjoy yourself and celebrate in style you deserve it.:cool:

Reply Smokefree

Welcome, enjoy your suite, I will get the bubbly on ice ready to "pop" at 9.30 tonight in your honour


Congratulations! ...........i'm doing what you said you did in the early days. Getting motivation from those who're further down the road. Massively happy for you :) x


Many congratulations on reaching the penthouse. Enjoy your celebrations.


thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome to the penthouse!

My celebration didn't turn out the way I have imagined it this past year but it was a great feeling to know I MADE IT!

My boyfriend had a accident last week and went in for Surgery on Saturday so I spent my weekend with him helping. I did walk out the hospital and find a crisp $100 bill on the ground so had a mini celebration there that i was just popping out for fresh air and not a cigarette!

Not smoking is the best decision I have ever made in my life :)


Oh Smokefree, how awful! I do hope he is OK now? Poor you- what a stressful incident to have to deal with. Mind you, as you say, that's exactly the sort of thing that would once have made you want to smoke (and then some). Did you get to keep the $100 bill?

So lovely to have you here in the Penthouse by the way. Do make sure you have some time for soaking in that jacuzzi and downing a few extra-dry martinis. :)


he is OK! he is young and healthy so 90% full recovery on his knee...just a long and tough 6 month recovery with no weight on the leg...

I did get to keep the 100 dollar bill, I think the original owners had already left :)

Thanks Again Skiddaw, you are awesome! so happy to be in the penthouse with ya


So pleased to hear both that OH is likely to make a full recovery, Smokefree, and that you got to keep the $100 bill! What a result...;)

And from my perspective I can but say how delighted I feel to be sharing the Penthouse with such exalted company as yourself....:)


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