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Hello all, still here but upset!

THANKYOU all for all your kind messages, I value them, still smoke free, and hanging in there.

My buddy Owen, one and only one grandson. Has what would appear a growth problem, so am really knocked down , and trying to support my daughter, I just cannot believe it.

Well seeing the throat doctor early Jan, fingers crossed.

Sorry for the moan, but just trying to get by., I do hope all is well with our lovely quitters. And erm erm , not sure about the new luck forum.

THANKYOU all once again, one thing for sure I must have done something terrible in a past life.

I have my new eye, not right but back at hospital next Friday, fingers crossed.

Any way on a positive note on our way to xmas yippe

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Ah Trace me ole fruit, I've been ever so worried about you, so glad youre back online! Sorry to hear things are still plop for you, you really do deserve a break, hope your grandson will be ok, I'm sure he will xxx


Bless you dear Tracey- as the others have said, I'm truly sorry that life is still pants but it isn't half lovely to hear your voice again. We did miss you and we do worry about you, you know. A whole raft of hugs heading your way from me. :):):)

I shall keep everything crossed for your grandson, your daughter, your throat and (indeed) you generally. May all of you have a break from all the worry & stress over Christmas at least.

Loads of love


PS: The new look forum isn't as bad as it seems. The more you hang out here the easier it gets, Honesty.

PPS: What are you planning on cooking over Christmas? We've not had a foodie chat for ages....


Thank you all, for your support, truly appreciate it.

Just keep going, although I have been having such strong desires to smoke.

Thanks one and all


Always keep the head up Tracey and keep going :)


So sorry to read your news hun :(

really hope that things start getting easier for you

sending love and hugs your way xxx


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