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6 Months mark


just wanted to pop-up and say I am still here, not smoking or anything like that :) It's been 6 months or 183 days since I quit.

I had a great week followed by the worst week since I quit. It probably has to do with the fact that I broke up with my long-term gf. We got back together several hours later, but I honestly don't know if I would be able to hold on and stay smoke-free if we didn't. And I was the one who broke up! Jesus. I guess I wasn't ready for breaking up for the first time since I quit smoking. It definitely caught me off-guard. The urge was worse than during the first week of my quit.

There were tons of things I planned to write in my 6-month post, but can't really remember half of them now. It sure doesn't feel like I thought it would after 6 months, but there you go. Still better than smoking I guess! :)

I am sorry I haven't been able to support other members lately. I've been busy with supporting others around me, mostly family. Still, I am lurking here for a couple of minutes on a daily basis.

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Oh Kacmins, that's absolutley fantastic!! HUGE congratulations from me. I'm sorry you and your GF had a bust-up but you've kissed and made up, and your mighty quit is still intact. Reaching Halfway House is an amazing achievement :)

You've also arrived in time for me to show you around. Hurrah!! There's a very nice bar on the terrace as well as a mini-bar in your room. There's already a bottle of something chilling in there and I shall bake you the cake of your choice. Get yourself unpacked and I shall show you all the other lovely things Halfway House has to offer..

Well done mate! :D


@tractorgirl, It sounds like all I have are problems, but that's certainly not the case. Some good things happened too in last couple of months! Thanks for the support.

@Skid, thank you very much! :) I like the Halfway House, feels more secure than the one I just left ;)

@Tea, haha nice one. Ziveli :) Yea, life just happens I guess. Glad you find my posts interesting, thanks.

@KarenCA, nothing resolves by itself, but it's pretty stable for now. Thank you.

@Karri, thanks, I hope so too!


Hi Kac, well done on 6 months and welcome to the six month club :D. I'm sure you're pleased that you didn't give in under pressure and stress. I'm sure that soon we won't immediately think about smoking when stressed.


Hi there, many congratulations on your 6 months quit, sorry you had a tiff with other half but making up is the best part, glad all is ok now, well done xx


Thanks Nicky, you are just a little bit ahead of me :) I believe we won half the battle, at least. Let's keep on fighting now!

Donna, I am glad you kept your quit as well. Just because I don't have anything useful to say, doesn't mean I don't read your and thread on a regular basis!

I don't know 'bout you guys, but I really need to start liking the new me. My brain still kinda thinks we are just "on a break" and will start smoking again some time in the future. Bad brain!


I found it took quite a while before my brain caught up with the rest of me, Kacmins. Mind you, that probably says more about my brain than anything....:rolleyes:

Try telling yourself (out loud) that you are an ex-smoker at least once every day like a mantra. I found it helped. Eventually your brain hard-wires itself into being a non-smoking brain. You'll hit that point very soon now. :)


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