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Day 11 - Swapping 1 addiction for 2? :-)


Still here in my quest to get off the E-Cig as the final part of my quit!

I seem to have dropped my Nicotine addiction for two different addictions, one is good - one is not so good. :-)

The Good - I'm now loving running again - have been 4 times in 6 days and already up to 5 miles.

The Bad - Fast food - ok, I just want fast food all the time...I'm severely craving a KFC (other chicken restaurants are available) right now...I can't stop thinking of a ****** variety meal (3 piece with a pot of gravy!).

Do I/Don't I go and get one...there is footie on tonight you decide! :-)

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Hi, and a very big hello from me.

Have just looked back in my food diary, when I had been stopped nearly four weeks.

One very large family chocolate bar.

Two bags cheese onion crisps.( walkers )

Ready curry meal at lunch


Spaghetti Bol

Cheese and crackers

One large cream bun

Two apples

Home made butternut squash soup

That's just one day lol

So go for it, you may gain a little weight, but can concentrate on that, further down the line, sounds yummy.

Go for it!

Footie, KFC and a few beers... sounds like a good evening to me.

Well done on kicking the e-cig :)

I am currently day 9 CT, it's been emotional lol

It's a no-brainer Chris. :)

If you're feeling furtive about it may I suggest you run to KFC & back? :D

Enjoy the meal (and the footie).

I hope you got the KFC? Quitting smoking is a big deal no way should we have to diet at the same time! Chow down my friend.... Chow down ;)


And I concur with all the rest of the members, go EAT !

Remember the lengths we would go to just to get a fag, now its the same, just the opposite. :D

It's probably not 2 addictions, hahah, just 2 new hobbies.

The weight did came for me, but over time, it sheds off again. Quitting smoking is no joke, and I did take it easier on myself, letting myself slack in other areas whilst I focus to get the nicodemon outtof my life.

The forum spoke...

and who am I to disagree!

KFC was devoured in record time, I must have looked like quite a catch as breadcrumbs swarmed around my face but hey, it was worth it!

Tea - Not a veggie in sight, although they do serve 'slaw and corn on the cob but that wasn't for me.

I'll be having another long run tomorrow to burn off these calories!!!!

Hope everyone is good on this Friday!


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