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C'mon Day 3ers show yourself


Where is the rest of the Stoptober crew?

Don't ask me how but some how I made it through day two which even included having a glass or two of wine last night!!!

Day three has started rubbish, I think it is going to be worse than day two but we will get through it :D :D :D

C'mon Stoptobers, let me know you are still here cos I didn't go to the shop so none of you have ciggys hahahaha

Woo x

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Well done Woo!!! 48 hours done and dusted for you!

Continue to kick it's ar$e!



Well done Woo!!! 48 hours done and dusted for you!

Continue to kick it's ar$e!



How's the no E-Cig going Chris?

Yes today is Friday, tomorrow I have to throw myself off a cliff and bungee jump 150 Ft EEEEEEkkkkkk!!!

Good point Tea- yes, very smart timing indeed Shash & co :D

Seriously, in my view, once you have both made it through Day Three and Weekend One nothing is ever as difficult again. Yes, you'll have bad days (and moments) but it isn't continuous and sustained in the way it is at first. Or that was my experience anyway.

Good luck to you all today. Thinking of you. :)

How's the no E-Cig going Chris?

Its going well, nearly at Day 5 - which will begin in about one and half hours. Tight chest persists but its not the end of the world!

How is day 3 treating you so far?

Husband bought me an indoor bungee experience for our wedding anniversary hahahahaha, it's happening tomorrow :)

Glad to see we're all still holding on through gritted teeth hahahahah

Hi All :)

I'm currently on day three without cigs, and (touch wood) the day is going better than day two.

I'm eating a hell of a lot of Goldenbears though :eek:

Good luck to everyone else :)

Good luck to you too Malvin and a big welcome to the forum from me. It's lovely to see some new members. Huge congratulations on your quit- you're doing wonderfully well. :D

Once you have Day Three under your belt it does start to get easier- promise :)

Woo- blimey! :eek: You're braver than me...I do hope you enjoy it. Still- one thing is for sure- you can't bungee jump & smoke at the same time! ;)

Yep I'm still here! Day 3 is so much fun...

Not looking forward to the weekend at all, Im off out tonight for a friends birthday, so that will be a challenge.

A pint and cigs are a match made in heaven for me, joy.

Good luck day 3'ers!


Well done Shash and enjoy the bungee jump, I think I would kill my husband if he got me a present like that :D But he knows it would scare me. :)

Many thanks for the welcome Skiddaw :)

Rustler, I play league darts every Thursday and didn't succumb once even after a skinful. Good luck mate, you'll be fine.

My cravings yesterday daytime were far worse than anything today thus far.

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