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Stupid ecig!

Hello, So i went a whole week ecig free and stupidly gave into its allure. After a day the novelty wore out when i realised how horrid it feels to have nicotine running through your veins (dont be fooled those who are getting nostalgic, it makes you feel real anxious).

Im really spotty again as well, which is why i quit smoking in the first place. I looked back at photos of when i was totally nicotine free and i look so FRESH! i l look really well rested and my skin glows. Now i look tired, spotty and quite frankly washed out. I HAD IT! I went to puff on my ecig bout an hour ago and stopped myself.

It has to stop at some point. There is never a good time to stop. It wont be easier after I have done A,B or C. Yes i am going out drinking on Saturday but who cares if im abit anxious? thats what booze is for. Im so fed up of this lingering addiction. I havent smoked in 11 months, but i feel very much addicted still. Im very proud i havent smoked, but I dont want this 'relationship' anymore. I AM JUST DONE! no more.

Time for the 'no matter what' mantra, which got me through my early days.

Giving up ecig, attempt 2....lets go.

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Hi I feel your pain! Although i have never used ecigs I have used other NRT stuff in the past. But you can get off the ecig! Have you thought patches for a couple of weeks just to take the edge off why you get out the habit that the e cig as created? ..your doing very very well without smoking cigs lady and should look back on what you have achieved. Take your time, its about the rest of your life. Keep smiling


Nicky, WOW WOW WOW, such a huge personel achievement, you have done amazing, and so many of us would love to be 11 months in, that's fantastic.:)

I can see what TG means may be a mini lozenge may help? could it still be that you want the had to mouth thing, as a sort of reminder I don't know!!!! Just a thought.

So very pleased you have come this far, not long untill the celebration of the penthouse.

You so deserve it.

No rush on anything, great to be smoke free, and for me that's amazing:)


Hi Nikki, you have done an amazing thing in not smoking for 11 months, lots of people use various NRT method to stop smoking and if they work for you then that's a good thing. As Karri said, try the 0% Nicotine one, it is a bit odd at first but you will get used to it. I went from 6% to 0% now no ecig and I don't miss it. Good luck, and don't worry too much as it will stress you out more. :):)


Thank you everyone, I know its not a race but i remember how i felt being in limbo with smoking and the guilt and anxiety and in the end i just wanted the cycle to end.

Now im in the same position where i just want to get off the cycle and not have to worry about cravings.

Being a non smoker really is a beautiful thing.


Hi Nikki

I am a former e -cig user. I used one for the first 5 months of my quit. I can honestly say I feel much better without either the real thing or the e cig, but my quit would probably not have been successful without the e cig. When I stopped the e cig, it was hard but not for very long at all. After a few weeks without it I'm sure you will be fine (just try struggle through those few weeks somehow). Best of luck and well done for getting to this stage!!!

See you in the penthouse soon!



Sjt13, I quit cold turkey and was free from nicotine for 7 months so i know what your saying and your right, total freedom is 100% the best. Feeling so calm and fresh and looking really healthy as well! im 26 hours cold turkey from my last vape on the ecig, im feeling ok. Have a lil anxiety and moments where i feel really annoyed but im trying to not engage it and just move on.

Max, I will be in the penthouse for sure :)


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