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day 7

I made it through my notorious day 6......calmly batted away those craves that came often but won so here I am day 7! yippee!

ok so day 7 for me right now is a struggle. smoking is not an option that much is clear. I will not and don't want to go buy a pack however I have had this horrible cravey feeling in the pit of stomach since I woke up this morning that wont budge. everything is bugging me but its my mind saying.....youll relax more if you smoke. this problem will go away if you have just one. youll feel better about this if you just go for a walk and buy a pack on your journey. I know its my mind. but its hard to beat although im doing it successfully so far.

I can get through today! tomorrow is my 2nd week into freedom and freedom is what I want and will have!

heres to a rotten week and the start of new one! :D

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Laura, maybe today feels a bit rubbish because notoriously you found day 6 hard and it was ok so your mind is playing tricks on you today instead? Here's to an easier week 2 :) xxx


You're almost over the worst Laura if you've gone cold turkey. By about day 9, I just found it easier and easier every day. Good luck!


Look forward to reading you're post in week 2 as well ;) First week almost done & dusted.


Hi I do hope week two is a little easier for you, hold tight, The longer you quit ten weaker the craves.

Doing so very well, just keep going :)


very well done I got to to take my hat off to you old turkey I couldn't do it

but this is last day u done whole week good luck x


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