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Week 2 :) :)

So happy! Day 8 and that first week is out of the way, all plain sailing so far I didn't put my patch on until 5pm yesterday and felt fine, very tempted to go cold turkey but I don't want to ruin anything so I'll stay as I am for a bit longer.

I am eating remarkable amounts of crap but I will worry about that later xxx

Big love to my quit buddy Deb aswell, our first week done! Woooo hoooooo:D:D x

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yep woooooohoooooo!

well done to you and also to deb;)

your doing so well! keep it up! don't worry about the rubbish, like you say it can be fixed later! your quit is what is important and getting through those first few awful weeks! and if you need a choccie orange to do so, so be it!

well done!!!! :D


Very well done Donna! That first week has flown by!

Let's keep marching forward :D


Only just seen this, my bad.

Well done Donna, It's fine to keep your patch on, go turkey when you are good and ready in your own time and when you feel right to do so, although it may have it's early up's n down's turkey is nothing to be afraid off but you must be ready.

Keep going :)


Not been on for awhile so missed previous posts. So glad to see you've sailed into week 2 Donna. Good luck for the week coming.:D


Thanks so much for the support everyone, it means a lot xxxx


Go on Donna, you can do it :):)


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