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Day 103

Hi Everyone, I'm doing great on this quit and feel good apart from a very persistent annoying cough, though I think that remains from a recent cold rather than quit related.

I went out on Saturday for a drinking day in Bath (friend's birthday) with one smoker and one non smoker. We sat outside for most of the day/evening as weather was nice and for the first time while drinking, I really didn't want a cigarette. I will have to still be careful not to slip back into smoking as I'm certain it's a very easy thing to do but it's definitely easier not to smoke now and the cravings aren't much at all.

Glad to come on here and still you are all still going strong and reading your updates. :):)

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Well done on passing the 100 days. That's the first big milestone cleared. Next one is day 183...halfway to the penthouse. Keep on moving.


Great job Nicky, you've hit the century mark! :D

It's amazing when we start to realise that we can do things like having a drink without smoking isn't it.....something that non-smokers do with ease!

Delighted you are doing so well!



Well done Nicky! xxxx


Nicky you are storming this! Congrats to you x


Thanks everyone, I don't think I could have got to 10 days, never mind 100 without all your support and encouragement. :):)


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