Back to quitting tonight

Hi to any of my chums who are still here... To anyone I don't know I look forward to getting to know you.

I had an 8 month (or so) quit which I foolishly threw away in April. I am getting back into it when I finish the pack of cigs I have. I had an appointment with the dentist yesterday and saw an x ray of what smoking is doing to me and it's not nice. To help and reduce/correct the problem will be expensive. I have made a promise to myself that I will stop and whatever I have to use (patches/spray/e cig, etc) will be used. I'll worry about the smoking now and the nicotine later.

Anyway, I look forward to connecting/reconnecting with you all as I start the next stage of my journey.


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  • welcome back:)

    I too have just returned and theres many of us just starting the journey/returning.

    post often, as you know this site is amazing for support and that extra encouragement.

    hope your first day back on the smoke free wagon goes smoothly for you. 1 hour at a time doing whatever you feel you need to do to stay smoke free :)

  • Hi Mark

    Welcome back and welcome to the newly quit gang there are several of us this week that have taken the plunge again and for the final time I sincerely hope! Look forward to your day 1 post tomorrow x

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