No Smoking Day
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Checking in to week 2:D

Hello everyone!!

Thought I'd stop by to check in!

As of 6pm I entered my tenth day smoke free!

This week has not been easy! I've had along long drive (massive triggers whilst stopping at rest areas) and a funeral surrounded by a lot of friends and family (a lot of smokers) and of course drinking not mention my emotions were through the roof! But here I am quit intact and dare I say it.......

Today was easier!!!! ! Taking it my stride but I feel so proud of myself! never thought I'd make it this far and I'm not going to lie but I could have and did think about this week being the perfect excuse to smoke again! I won! Hands down:)

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Laura, did you imagine two weeks ago that you could have ever achieved this great ten day quit......🌻

It is of course difficult at times, but you have managed such a difficult week:)

Just keep going. Doing great:)


Well done you should be so proud of yourself x


Fantastic Laura! :D

To have fought your way through significant trigger points such as a long drive and a funeral speaks volumes for your determination and I think you're well on the way to establishing this as your Forever Quit.

Well done indeed on reaching double figures :)

(edited to add: sorry to hear you've been through a bereavement. Hugs from me...)


Hi Laura

Whoop, whoop indeed. This is a fantastic achievement and one to be really proud of. I think it's amazing, especially when before, we would never have believed it possible. Very well done.

I'm still an early bird in the game but even driving home tonight (the car also being a massive trigger for me), it felt like this was sloooowly becoming a habit, ie. not smoking!

Keep at it and you'll astound yourself even further! X


Well done Laura, ten days is great and I bet you feel brilliant for getting that far. I'm always quite smiley when I go another week (must look like a nutter lol) x :)


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