Day 3

Hi All,

Day 3 nearly over, I have a reflexology session booked tonight so I am looking forward to some deep relaxing - I need it as it has been a bit of a stressy day. Things that dont usually bother me have been today but that is all part and parcel of this process and at least I dont feel depressed like I did last week - I feel confident if snappy!!

Lots of love


3 Replies

  • And much better to feel snappy than depressed I say. :)

    I'm sure your reflexology session will be a godsend Melby. Enjoy and relax :D

  • Keep going Melby, you can do this ;) you have shown this spring that you really want this so congrats for not giving up.

  • Hi Mel, hope you enjoy your reflexology session, I agree with Skiddaw I would much rather feel edgy than depressed, glad day 3 isnt too horrendous for you xx

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