No Smoking Day
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One calendar month today!

Hello all month two'ers! To be honest wasn't sure I was gonna make this after how it's been over the Easter weekend - very tough, nearly caved in but I didn't and here I am. Am amazed at how up and down it is, one minute I am thinking I can't possibly do this then I forget all about smoking for several hours - very odd, still onwards and upwards :cool:

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Yay well done on your one month and welcome to month 2. It gets easier from here but don't let your guard down, craves come from anywhere in any place!

Such a good job so far x


Hey you are doing it, quitting, just keep going, at times it seems ooh so hard, and then it seems soooo easy.

Your doing amazing! Well done:)


Loads of sensible advice here. Well done on the month and celebrate what is a huge achievement.


Thanks so much everyone, I find the support on here absolutely invaluable, just knowing that so many other people are facing the same struggle makes it easier somehow, and I will 'keep going'!


I'm certain you will, Superc. :)

It is indeed a right old roller-coaster. One day you're on top of the world, the next you're climbing the walls again. As Max says, the secret is to just keep going (and eventually the good days outweigh the bad days).

Good on you mate! :D


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