No Smoking Day
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the journey continues

So I've made it to day two.

Still feeling very positive and motivated. Yesterday was okay. Had several intense cravings but I timed them on my phone and they don't last as long as they feel.

I'm going to do full in and out clean of my car today to get rid of any smoking remnants and to keep myself occupied.

Let's do this 😊 Best of luck to everyone else.

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Top stuff mate! Keep it up :)


thanks everyone. Don't think I'll have a problem keeping myself occupied today as my other half is at work and I appear to have been left a list of chores. What happened to Sunday being a day of rest?

I think a trigger for me today could be each time I complete a task, as usually once I would get something done I would "reward" myself with a cigarette.


The reward thing is the worst but you have to find something to replace it, like have a glass of water/juice. I replaced it with cups of tea!

I cleaned my car out at the start too and every time I get in it and it smells nice and fresh rather like an old ashtray it really motivates me to stay quit.

Good luck with your day 2 x


Well done bigfella,

Yeah the reward ones were the ones where i stood about going 'what do i do now?' I found cadbury chocolate fingers worked quite well!:D

They faded pretty quickly for me apart from the 'leaving work one' that was a very stubborn crave but as it only happened once a day it was quite bearable though annoying.

If you run out of jobs my car is filthy!


Splendid Bigfella! :D

Bet your car is sparkling clean by now isn't it? Hope you found plenty of other jobs to keep your mind and hands occupied.

Every time you confront and make it through a crave/trigger point your armour gets tougher. As time passes those moments gradually happen less and less often and the emotions they generate become weaker and weaker. You'll get there I am certain as you are doing all the right things.

Well done you! :)


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