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Should I continue with Champix?

Hi, Bug ups to all for reaching week 2!!! I'm only on day8 so still very early in my quit but was thinking I'd cut down to 1 champix per day (not 2) I'v only had 1 for each of the last couple of days as was concerned with headache and all seems to be well. I just worry that I'm being a bit over confident and risk ruining my quit? I'm not due at the chemists until Friday so wondered if any of you quitters don't recommend cutting down so early?


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I had to cut down to half a dose after 3 weeks cos I was so nauseous with them and I was absolutely fine. Then I cut them out completely in about week 7 and again I have been fine for more than 5 weeks now.

I think after the initial couple of weeks of succeeding in not smoking, starting to feel, and see, the benefits of not smoking, you are better equipped to deal with the odd crave that comes along. I have had a few of those craves, but I just want to be a non- smoker so much more than I want to be a smoker, so I think of the disgusting smell you get wafting to you when a smoker passes by, and the desire soon goes.:)


Hello, I think after about 4 or 5 weeks I went down to half the dose, but took half in the morning and half in the evening in order to spread it through the day. The reasons were more due to the effect it was having on my mood than the nausea - although the nausea was certainly reduced. My mood didn't change at all! I took half in the morning and half in the evening for a few weeks, then went down to half just in the morning for the last month or so, then stopped entirely.

I think you should just be guided by how you feel. If cutting down has an adverse affect on your desire to smoke, then you can always pop another half a pill. Also, I've heard of people spreadhing the whole dose out - ie, taking half early morning, half lunch time, half afternoon and half at bedtime.



Cool, I'm going to keep up the half dose for this week and see how I about cutting back at that stage. Thanks for the words guys!


Hi, I've just started taking Champix, not really had any side effects yet but day 3 tomorrow. Can you tell me when side effects start?


Mine, extreme nausea, started as soon as I took the full dose.


Ive been on champix 14days now the 1st week i was very sick but then after that it settled, i quit smoking on day 7 as couldnt stand the taste but still had cravings but they go, im thinking of cutting back on champix after 4 weeks of not smoking as worried of the extreme side effects ive read about :eek:

if after 3 days u are still feeling norm than you should be ok as most people are fine its only in extreme cases that it goes wrong... good luck with your quit, im enjoying being smoke free and enjoying the extra spends already saved £70 in a week that my kids have spent for me but hey its money they woulcnt of had if i was still smoking :D:D

Hugs Sian xx


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