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Its my day seven almost , I smoked exactly 6 puffs off two cigs and hated the taste, I am happy with my e cig, everything seems better from smells to food and breathing..but my productivity level is exactly zero, I am in bed all day long ,very lethargic, coughing up green mucus and havent been able to do any day to day chores.

I thought quitting will make me energetic and all, I was expecting to start exercising and tone up my muscles for my big day (wedding) but i cant focus at all .

i have my masters exams coming up too and i cant study..on top of that i have severe depression been crying for no good reason :(

What to do?? please help

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Oh dear my lovely, so sorry your having to cope with all this, you have such a lotto deal with, but you have not caved in you are doing a Stirling job.

I don't have enough experience to give any advice my lovely.

Sleep well and hope tomorrow is a brighter for you.:)


Sadie, welcome to the forum and try not to panic. Nearly everybody suffers from 1 or more side effects when quitting but it's normal and only to be expected.

After all, your body has been used to regular "injections" of chemical stimulants over the years (each time you smoked a cigarette) and you have taken that away. It will take time for your body to re adjust to life without them.

I don't know how long you smoked for, but you can't expect to get used to not smoking in just 7 days. As long as you realise this and keep it in mind, you will not keep worrying that things aren't going well.

Everyone has to go through a period of readjustment and this can take several months. It's normal and eventually you will reach a pont where not smoking becomes as normal to you as smoking once did.

Here is a copy of a post I wrote over a year ago and recently posted again in another thread. I hope it helps :D

"There are going to be ups and downs and there may be side effects.

Whilst everyone has different physical reactions to quitting, many, many people have some or all of the following...

A temporary period of sleep disruption (possibly as long as 1-2 months or more)


Weight gain

Bleeding gums

Feelings of anxiety, loss, depression, restlessness, boredom and bad temper etc.

Sore throat

A lack of concentration

There are probably more, but these are common and nothing to worry about in the short term.

I'm not trying to put you off, I'm trying to prepare you for what to expect.

Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

None of it is too uncomfortable and all of it is beatable. There are plenty of long term quitters on here which prove that.

Just take it 1 day or 1 hour at a time if you have to. Keep saying that you'll stay smoke free for 1 hour or 1 day more etc.

It's surprising how you start to rack up the days and weeks.

Will there be wobbles? Yes. Can you beat them? Yes.

I felt like you during the early days of my quit and experienced a few of the side effects I mentioned earlier.

I have now been quit for over 2 years and I know I will never smoke again.

You too can do it, good luck to you."


Hello Sadie

Sorry you're having such a tough time. You've got a lot on your plate with your forthcoming exams and I admire you for having the courage to quit at such a time.

I can understand how you are feeling because although I've been trying hard not to dwell on the fact that I'm not smoking it can be both physically and mentally draining at times. Maybe it's because we're actually trying too hard, I'm not sure.

I think the coughing up mucus thing is a normal reaction of quitting and just our lungs trying to get rid of the remnants of smoking but it you have any concerns then I would advise a visit to the doctor. I'm sure he'll reassure you that there is nothing to worry about.

What I can say is that things will improve the longer you stay quit and that it will get easier.

Good to have you onboard and wishing you all the best. x


Hi Sadie,

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

Helene made a very good point, were you depressed before you quit smoking or is this depression a result of quitting?

I only ask because I have researched this quite a bit having suffered for years on and off, and the general concensus I have discovered from research and speaking to my GP is that if the depression is caused by the smoking this can be normal, however if it goes on for longer than 3 weeks you should seek medical advice.

Im not sure how you are quitting but if you are using Champix and feeling like this I would recommend you see your GP as soon as you can get in, as Champix has been known to cause some nasty side effects in some people.

I hope you start to feel better soon, be kind to yourself, lots of baths early nights reading books watching films and eating chocolate ;) If your feeling low avoid alcohol as it is a downer and will make you feel worse.

However, after all said and done only you know how you feel, and if you really feel down and not able to cope go and see your GP they will be able to help, dont suffer unecessarily.

Good luck hun, we are all here if you want to chat, take it steady xxx


Hi All,

I am slightly better today, I did clean up my place and managed to take a shower and socialized with family and friends.

I attribute the depression to quitting as I can recall whenever I was some place where I couldnt smoke for 4/5 hours specially during flights I used to get emotional, its weird but when I am angry I cant fight with people I just start crying lol.. so I guess I am having his battle with analogs and instead of being angry or bitter I cry. I dont know why but its true.

I have this PMS like feeling when I am so low emotionally and I have to drag myself around.

My boyfriend quit smoking using e cig and this got me motivated as well to quit.he didnt have any mood swings whatsoever but here I am totally lost foggy and crappy.

I used to be so happy all the time, chirping my day away.. but now I dont have the energy to even call my bf. argh!!:mad:

I think quitting is stressful enough in itself without worrying about the upcoming wedding and exams that my brains have given up .

Or perhaps as I read smoking increases your blood pressure and after quitting my blood pressure has dropped to normal which is low for my body .. hence my body is adjusting to this new low as normal thus making me feel sleepy and less energetic.

well, thank you all for your care, advices and support I couldnt do it with out you guys!

Big hugs all around.

(Donna, Captain, tractor girl, jenny, Max, helen,Linda)


What TG says is spot on, Sadie- it really does get easier. That doesn't mean it isn't pants at the moment but please believe we're all been there and we've all come out the other side.

Keep telling yourself that every hour you get through is an hour you won't have to get through again and another hour nearer permanent freedom.

Hold on in there, we're all with you. :)


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