Christ i am so p....d. Hubby decided to buy a new phone- no problem there, but he wanted to add a picture. What the hell happened - I dont Bloody look like that - the weighing scales are f.....g wrong :mad:

5 pounds my arse - picture makes me look like i've put on 5 bloody stone. Anyone got a paper bag to shove over my head :eek:

and seeing as I'm ranting and raving and refusing to ever eat again - call me Lily - I'm going to bloody sulk all night and look for a tent to wear to work tommorrow.:(

(dont wont a fag though - i would look stupid as well as huge:))

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  • I thought i looked like angelina jolie -not so - more like dawn french:eek:

    trouble is they say the camera never lies...............bugger. told hubby to put a picture of a lily there instead or to download a picture of some hot babe and then strut:p

  • You'd need it on landscape to get all of me in. He could pull up outside the house and see my through the window - all of them :eek:

  • fluffybunnies

    Please do not let the weight issue ruin your quit - 5lb is a pee in the ocean, 2 bags of sugar, you can fight the weight when you have beat the nicotine, the money you will save from quitting will pay for the gym and hey look at it long term 5 years quit pays for the fat to removed surgically.

    Seriously, you can only battle one thing at a time, losing the weight gAINED will be a doddle after quitting smoking.




  • And i bet your hubby loves having something extra to hold on to?

    Better than you stinking of fags babe eh?

    Love handles is the word callumsnan

  • Sorry your going through it at the moment, please hang in there, the weight will come off sooner or later in your quit. camra phones are rubbish picture takers, my son took one of me and i though it was my mum, she twenty years older than me, made me feel rubbish though.:(

  • naff if all. the problem is i'm only 5'1 and weight gain really effects me. its not purely a vanity thing - its a heart prob that i have that starts to play up when i gain weight. i've really, really watched what i eat and no go. the betablockers make weight loss really hard as its difficult to push the heart rate into the fat burning zone. i went to the gym and had a personnal trainer - he recommended a heart rate aim at 150 but the highest i could ever get it was 90-100. a real pisser. i walk and run but still the end result is Giant Haystacks.:eek: - someone pass the chocolate or better yet a nice bottle of redwine:cool:

  • Sorry honey just finished the red wine, seriously sorry to hear that you have health problems, sure I am not the only on to say this but the added benifits of stopping smoking are more important for you then most, please stick with it - sure hubby will get used the the extra few pounds!!!



  • tell me you havent eaten all the chocolate sue

  • Nah cupboard full here I eat all the crisps and nuts me - not got a sweet tooth, savories are my downfall.



  • oh well Ryvita for me - yummy

  • This link has some interesting articles on the subject.

    I read, read, read it and didn't lose any of the extra weight!!!! :( :( :(

  • Seriously I repeat The weight will be a doodle - deal with the smoking first

  • Fluffybunnies the weight gain is probably caused by your metabolism slowing down by up top 25%.

    This happens when we quit smoking. So if you even eat the same as you did whilst you were smoking then you will put on weight.

    the good news is that it isn't permanent and you should be able to lose it when your metabolism stabilises.

    This link has some interesting articles on the subject.

    So if i've read this right - increased activity may increase metabolism. i've tried the other methods like splitting the food throughout the day, and increased the fruit and veg. admittedly soft drinks may be the problem (she says drinking a bottle of coke my hubby has just bought me!!). I must admit i like the idea of brushing your teeth after a meal - never thought of that:D

  • Hi fluffybunnies, i to have heart probs mine beats too fast,and also something called wolf-parkinson-white syndrome. it is hard to loose weight and pack in smoking. all my love goes out to you. xx:)

  • Hi fluffybunnies, i have also put weight on,love handles getting so big maybe need marker boards before long. My hubby is an escort driver,he takes wagons with big abnormal loads to where ever there going,he has a van with "ABNORMAL LOAD" wrote on the back ,on the front it says "WIDE LOAD" given time im sure i"ll be walking in front of it while he escorts me to work,bt what the hell,i dont smoke and thats more important to me i can sort weight out later

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