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Six months today

I've made it to the six months today and feel pretty pleased about this. Would really like to thank this site. I can honestly say it was the number one reason this quit was successful unlike so many others. In additon this was done cold turkey, it may not be for everyone but it really help me break the habit . To all newbies just believe it gets easier. One other piece of advice, when I was quiting previously I always became disheartened when perople would say, I have been quit for 6 years etc and I still get cravings now. I would like to add my view that you might think about cigerettes every now and again in the months since you gave up but for me I would not describe these thoughts as cravings. I say this as I just want people to know it gets easier after a while , alot easier. PLEASE STICK WITH IT AND USE THIS SITE FOR SUPPORT. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH AND ARE HERE FOR YOUR SUPPORT. GOOD LUCK AND YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FUTURE SELF TO QUIT NOW.

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A big Well Done from me too Rog :)

Getting to Halfway House is such an achievement. No doubt at all that you're heading for the Penthouse :D


Congratulations, what a lovely positive post, it sure helps us early quitters, many thanks. Well done:)


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