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Six months - no cigarettes!

Hello everyone,

My first post on this forum, what with "No Smoking Day" upon us I thought I may be able to offer some encouragement to anyone who is having a tough time.

Six months ago I smoked what will hopefully be my last ever cigarette. I am 64 and have smoked quite heavily for 40+ years! No patches or e-cigs etc. cold turkey.

The first few days were not easy, I missed my lifelong friend but as each day passed I began to think how stupid it would be to pick up a cigarette and undo what I had achieved. The sense of achievement soon became my motivation and as the days turned into weeks it became easier.

Six months down the line it has become so much easier to not think about smoking, if I am honest when I see someone smoking it now looks slightly ridiculous. I feel better, food tastes much nicer but without doubt the very best thing of all is the freedom I am suddenly experiencing. I never realised just how much I organised my daily life in order to accommodate my habit!

With the benefit of hindsight I wish I had done it sooner but better late than never. As an added bonus I have saved the money I would have spent on cigarettes and last week treated myself to an iPad.

For the time being I consider myself a smoker who happens not to be smoking at the moment, fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone who tries to stop, it can be done.

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What a fantastic post and very apt that your first post is on No smoking day :), I'm sure this will definitely help others including me, it's good to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is there at 6 months, well impressed you did it CT too after 40 years of smoking, just goes to show it really is mind over matter.

I know what you mean about revolving your life around cigs, where's my lighter, fags etc.... It really does feel like freedom, I have more time on my hands now that's for sure! Food defo tastes better and I'm glad to hear you feel better in yourself too, I'm yet to experience any health benefits but am patiently waiting :)

Congratulations on your 6 months, and here's to the next 6 months smoke free :) xx


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