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9 months today

hey guys! after realising its non smoking day tomorrow i thought id check out the forum and share my success story.

today is 9 months since i quit, from 20 a day for 10+years to nothing over night. i used e-cigs and still do, albeit at a much lower nicotine level and not as often.

they get some bad press at times, but they sure work! this will be the first year i can happily say I'm not a smoker on no smoking day :D

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Big congratulations! :D

It's a great feeling isn't it! Keep up the good work


How wonderful

Isn't it just a fantastic, to be able to say, we are ex smokers, and your doing fantastic.

Well done my lovely.

It's not the journey that matters, it's the result, and your not smoking.

Great feeling:)


oh yeah, I'm new so no one really knows me. just thought id check the forum and share my personal success story.

hopefully get off the e-cigs next before they get banned.


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