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Into Week 2

Well, I've got to week two and it's flown over. So I am quite pleased with myself.

I haven't used the inhalator for 3-4 days I think, so trying not to take in any

nicotine whatsoever now. I must admit I have had cravings especially when having a few pints last weekend, but it does pass and they can be beaten off.

So I am feeling confident but not overly confident if you know what I mean.

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Good for you Marty! :D

You sound to me like you have a really good handle on your quit. I think you are quite right to try to cut back on the nicotine now but do make sure you have something to hand in case of emergencies won't you?

Many congratulations on starting your Week 2. Mighty! :)


Good work Marty, 2 weeks is not to be sniffed at, AND you have braved alcohol, nice one :)


Great job Marty, keep positive :)


Woop woop! you go Marty! keep that chin up and you'll be fine amigo


Wow!! Marty..that time flew:)

Your doing great,bet your chuffed with yourself:)


well done pal

Ive just joined you Marty in week 2, it feels good doesnt it. i managed to stand with a few smokers today and didnt feel any urge to have a smoke with them. If im honest the smell wasnt pleasant. its funny but i feel a bit strange thinking that i was up until last Monday i would have been stood smoking with them. Dragging toxic fumes in to my body. And now im starting to feel clean and a little sorry for people that still haven't seen the light.

Keep up the great work mate, its hard and by no means easy but every day that goes by means a lot. we just have to keep building the wall brick by brick and lock the habit behind it.


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