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I just realized I will be on travel Friday, and (probably) not near a computer to make a post. I've been waiting for some time to make this one.

Friday, March 14th, will mark my SECOND year smoke free. I joined this site and quit smoking on March 14, 2012. Never ever did I really think I'd succeed, but I decided to give it a try and see what happens.

It was hard - so hard - at first, but I kept going. A stat meter made ALL the difference to me. In the first few days/weeks/months I checked obsessively, and to be honest I didn't want to break the string.

The other thing that contributed mightily to my success was this site. I simply wouldn't have, and couldn't have, done it without all of you. Without having friends share the struggle, share their success, make me laugh, and make me feel connected to like-minded people.

As I've said elsewhere, my campaign isn't over, and I doubt it ever will be. I've come to accept my truth that I'm an addict and always will be, and that I can NEVER EVER have "just one" cigarette unless I want to return to that lifestyle all the way. I call myself an ex-smoker, not a non-smoker. (That's someone who has never smoked, from my perspective. YMMV)

But 99.9% of the drama, the trauma, and the struggle is behind me. Yes, I still get the occasional, almost nostalgic desire to have a smoke. But even though this usually comes out of nowhere and surprises the heck out of me it is in NO way as strong or as difficult to deal with as it was two years ago.

So today I'm grateful and nostalgic and proud and humble. I'm reaching back to all of you still on the ladder, climbing for the Penthouse, offering a hand up. I can't wait for you to join us up here. The view is spectacular.

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Lovely to hear from you again :D

What an achievement Massive well done you XXX

Great post, so much I can relate to.

I love it when you long termers come back and post a milestone. It's so inspiring and as you say pulls me up a couple of rungs of the ladder.

Congratulations obviously!!! Thanks for taking the time to come back.:D

So enjoyed reading that, Dgee, and many, many congratulations on reaching the end of your second smoke-free year. You are a true inspiration for us aspiring penthouse residents and it is truly good of you to pop in to update us on what it is like to be two years in. :)

Congratulations DGee, thanks for taking some time out to post this :) I might have reached the Penthouse now but this forum and the long term quitters are still a massive motivation in staying quit!

Congratulations on your two years, DGee :). Amongst all of the things you are feeling, I hope that there is still a solid and steady feeling of pride in your achievement. Beating an addiction is HUGE :cool:. Personally, I find it very encouraging when long-term quitters post about their gives those of us who are ascending the Penthouse stairs a peek into what lies ahead for us, and there aren't many situations in life where we have that privilige (sp?).

So, well done to you and I hope you will be marking this occasion with a celebration of some sort! :D



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