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Bring On Day 2!

Well its the start of day 2 and i'm doing pretty good! im finding that when the phone rings and its someone i know who talks alot, i instantly want to put my coat on and go for a smoke as i answer the phone...or before going up to bed...or when i have a few free minutes during the day ( i work at home as a Nanny) i want to slip outside for a smoke, but i soon realised its not because i want to have a smoke, its the routine of my actions, the habit of going and doing it built into so many elements of my life, that will be the hardest to break! but aside from that, feeling good, slept well last night. Started my Mx dose of champex this morning...feeling good about my choice to quit earlier then what i originally set out to do. hopefully this rush of feeling decent does not crash and burn and become replaced with bitchy,moaning, woah is me stuff lol.

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Well done Jinx :D

You're quite right- the habit thing is hard to deal with at first, but every time you hit one of those 'this is when I used to have a smoke' moments and deal with it, it gets easier (and once your brain has started to hard-wire itself to your new routine those moments get fewer and further between). :)

You are making mighty strides and should be extremely proud of yourself. :)


Lovely post, doing good, :):)


Well done how pleased are you...:)

First few days are tough but really worth it.


Well done to you Jinx, you will soon have a week quit in the bag :) x


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