Day 16

Hi Everyone,

I cant believe how the time is now flying past, I have come out of the other side of the mentail craves I was having at the weekend and then the hysteria yesterday and today I am feeling pretty normal (well normal for me anyhow!)

I hope everyone is doing well and having a good week.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those who answer my posts - I really value the support :)

Take Care


Mel xx

3 Replies

  • Doing FAB, Mel :D

    Your emotions will stabilise, and glad to see today is a happy day!!

    Best wishes,


  • Fantasic Melby :)

    Glad you're feeling more stable now.

  • I know time is just flying isn't it:D

    The days turn to wks and then mths...we,ll be in the penthouse before you know it :D

    Well done Mel.

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