No Smoking Day
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Day...Errrr....Fifty Odd?

Hello campers :)

I've been super busy for the past couple of weeks, and have hardly

been able to browse the forum, let alone post :(

Many thanks for all the PMs and messages asking how things are going.

It's really nice to see how much we all care about each other's quits!

I figured I ought to take 5 minutes just to say: all's going good, I'm

on [goes to check] day 57 cool, more than I thought I was :D

On the 'Stage 3' patches now, which are the last ones before I fly

solo (finally). The step down in nicotine has been hardly noticeable,

and to be honest I barely think about smoking at all these days...

I remember reading a similar thing when I was on day one, and assumed

the person who said it was lying...I know better now. The real test will

be when I'm off the nicotine completely, but hey, the patches I'm using

now are the size of a postage stamp, so I'm not really quaking in my boots

at the prospect.

I wouldn't call the occasional pangs I get 'cravings'. They're more like

reminders that I used to smoke, and are soon forgotten.

The only downside is I've put on nearly a stone since I quit :eek: I've never

been a weight watcher, and until a few months ago hadn't weighed myself

in nearly 20 years. But boy, those pounds are piling on now!

Am thinking of doing the 5:2 diet (Max, I know you're a fan), or maybe

just eat fewer Big Macs and see where that gets me!

Sorry for the ramble and total lack of inspirational soundbites :rolleyes:

Back to work!

Best wishes,


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Hey Steve :)

Good to see you are pushing on through. You sound like you are more than ready to fly solo!


Well done Steve.nice to hear from you and that things are going well:D

As for the weight gain it's inevitable at first,but once the weather breaks nice long walks are on the agenda for me:)


Many congratulations Steve- you've clearly got a very stable and accomplished quit going there. :D

The weight will come off soon I am sure. :)


Good to read your post Steve, and very well done. You sound as if you are just sailing through now. :)

I think we shall have to become diet buddies - I have put on a stone as well ! :eek:

Keep up the brilliant work :), bb x


Well done Steve. You seem so positive and in control, great to see.

No NRT will be another milestone for you which I am sure you will manage with your normal laid back manner



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