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Back again to day 1

So I quit in October 2012 for 8 months, started back in June 2013 after a relationship breakup and now Im ready to return to the forum!

Sadly I see that none of my fellow starters from October 2012 made it to the one year mark, just shows how difficult it really is!

Anyway, Im in it this time, ready to pack in the fags and get a healthy heart for my kids! Not to mention all that money to save!!:D

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Hi Gally

Life happens and sometimes we buckle. Good on you having another go.

Best of luck :)



Great to see you back :) good luck with your quit, onwards and upwards :) xx


Congratulations Gally, and nice to meet you :)

Looks like you're starting your journey at the same time as a bunch of other fellow-quitters so hopefully you have some potential peer support for the road ahead. I think this is going to be your time :D

I shall look forward to hearing how things progress for you. :)


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