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Deflated day six

Good morning all. Day six patch well and truly stuck to me, for all those struggling like me, I do hope we have a better day to day. Mornings are the worst for me.


Yet again it does seem to help me I don't take my purse to work, as sooooo easy to stop on the way home and buy the nasty things, and on the plus can't but chocolate.

Have great day

We never know what to morrow brings

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Aww it can make you feel really low!!

Someone wrote a very good explanation of why on here yesterday(?) but I can't remember off the top of my head where it was.

But, this is temporary and in a little while things should look a lot brighter!!

Oooh and leaving your purse at home sounds very familiar!! I've been doing that on wobbly days, and getting my mum to go into the shop to pay for petrol a fair bit :eek:

Have a (((hug))) and I hope you feel better ASAP xx


Chin up Tracey :)

Yes leave cash at home so you cannot buy cancer sticks,but do also be kind to yourself sweet,allow yourself treats so maybe take something to work in your bag to enjoy during the day.

Quitting cigs is tough-you need to balance that against being a little kind to yourself,too.

I agree here Tracey. :)

Weight can be lost and when you begin to feel better in your quit you should find that you naturally want to start taking more care of your diet and exercise as well. So, for now at least, remember that the odd treat isn't going to hurt as much as picking up a stinky cig will.

Well done for perservering hun, I know it can be difficult!! *hugs* xxx


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