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116 days plus six pack update

Still no sixpack!

So very tempted to smoke having a very stressful time at work, experiencing the most excruciating craves.

I cant understand it surely the craves should be very slight by now in fact the ones now are the worst I've experienced throughout the quit, I dream of roll ups and ready mades I can smell them from 10 miles away and will follow a smoker in the street.

Not going to give up giving up though have come to far

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Oh blimey - hang in there! That terrible nictone monster (the big one in the mind) certainly does seem to hang around for longer than we expect - then leaps out and bites us without warning, terrorising us to be fed.

I've just passed the 9 week point, but last week, thought, "surely, at 8+ weeks, I should have less symptoms". So I can imagine how you must be feeling at around double that time. :(

We just have to keep telling ourselves that we can't un-learn something in a matter of weeks, when it took us a while to learn it and it kept us hooked for years! :eek:

Lots of deep breathing - and you'll never get the six pack unless you stay smoke free! :D ;)

BW, Shazza


Please dont give up giving up. 116 days is a fantastic achievement, you dont want all of that to be for nothing. You have stay focused and remeber that it will get easier! It must do otherwise no one would ever quit!


Not going to smoke, it's just driving me mad, I feel much better now I've had some replies from people that understand the force of the craves, addiction and the nature of addiction truly is a frightening thing.

Thank you all for your words of support maybe it's the final kicks from the monster within.

Contemplating painting on a six pack any thoughts !


Look at my post on egg and soldiers


its not very pleasant when your thinking you have got to a point where the craves shouldnt be so strong and have an influence anymore and your thinking wtf :eek: where did that come from

dont forget smoking was a big part of your life and your still going through the loss part it will get easier the more time passes

just focus on your reasons to quit and before you know your be in the penthouse :) its great up here and the views are fantastic

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


I'm right behind you Jon and have you in my sights, if you stumble I'll be there to pick you up.

We can sooooooo do this:D


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