No Smoking Day
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Back in week 2

So, I thought to myself, if quitting smoking is like climbing Everest, how far have I climbed so far??

Everest is 29000 feet high

I am on day 8

This means....drum roll.....

I have climbed a measly 635 feet or 2%

So that didn't work overly well as a motivator :D:D:D

Hmmmm - statistics are made for manipulation sooooo...

I decided I'd reverse the imagery and see my quit as a descent downward from the summit, the distance travelled is the same, but the steepest bit is at the top, so the journey will get easier the longer I travel AND by my calculations I am 21% through the Everest Deadzone, how cool is that ?:cool:

Far more impressive a statistic than 2% of the way to the top!


Happy Sunday peeps


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Hiya Mina,

I think your descent calculations are a brilliant idea, and far better than the thought of climbing up.

You are doing so well Mina, all respect for what you've had to cope with lately yet you have come through fighting.

Keep on coming down :). bb xx


Hi Mina,

Actually, the climbing Everest imagery is more positive than you think because when mountaineers climb big mountains like Everest they have to acclimatise by climbing several times to some of the lower camps and then retreating to Base Camp before they make their summit bid. So your 'training runs' equate to a few climbs to Camp 2 and back and now you're fully acclimatised and are starting your summit bid. So you've already climbed way over 635 feet. :)


Hi Mina,

Well done keep it up:D

You have given me a head ache:confused:

Im off to the pub:D


Loving your thinking there Mina!!

The descent thing is a good one too 'cos you can't breathe so well on top of a mountain, just like when we smoked :p


I love visuals and numbers as a way off looking at progress. Keep coming down Mina :D:D


Nice :D

See you at the bottom!


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