No Smoking Day
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Feeling such a sense of achievement it's emotional!!

Wow I'm feeling kinda emotional right now!!!

It's been over 120 plus hours and not ONE single puff on a cig 😱😱😱😱it's really strange I'm waiting for it to all go wrong??? Another strange feeling.....I know I can live without smoking and I'm still me, but for some reason ( I don't know why?!) I have feelings n thoughts in my mind that I will one day smoke again

Had a good drink in the pub tonight and there wasn't no temptation.

Feel so proud and I've realised I'm a lot lot stronger than I think! Sounds silly but I think if I put my mind to something no matter what it is I will,n can achieve it.

Oh n I don't stop eating!!! I love it!!! This week put on about 4-5lbs already xxxxxxx

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Well done huni for coming so far. Your good to go pub, great you got through it. Thats way too much association of smoking for me to be around yet.

You should be very proud of yourself hun and yes it is a very emotional rollercoaster. Front seats for us whooo oooooo!!! Lol x


You are doing fantastic. One day at a time is definitely the way to go :D:D:D


Well done, for the quit and for the enormously positive attitude you are showing - you have every right to be ultra proud, keep at it, dow hill to the end of week one now :)


Lyds, you're a STAR!!

It won't go wrong, because you have 100% the right mentality :D

(Forget the with that later...that's what I'm telling myself, too).

Anyway, these thoughts you're having: "One day I will smoke again". We all have 'em. They fade.


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