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From smoker to GB vest

Hi all, Ive not posted on here in ages, afew years I think, just wanted to post and say this year I qualified for Great Britain duathlon team!!! the championships were held in Spain in may, duathlons are a mix of running and biking, mine was a 5k run followed by a 20k bike and a 2.5k run to finish, Im now currently 32th in the world for my age!!! I smoked for 16 years around 20-30 aday when I started work and bought my own, If someone like me can do this then everyone can, there was days when the cravings were tough and days where they wernt, this forum is a great tool for quiting, I hope everyone keeps at it and beats the habit for good, I honestly cant say I will never smoke again because I see myself as an ex addict all I can say is not smoking is loads better than smoking:). Take care everyone, good luck.

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WOW wow WOW, What a great story you have told, you are one amazing person.

You have been through the difficult times, and learned to enjoy the new you , so pleased you have posted. Keeps me focused .

Goes with out saying, but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS . And thanks for sharing a truly lovely post:)


This, that is just amazing! It's like Sebastian Coe just popped by or something. Wow! :D

I tell you what- it makes me all the more certain that the way to inspire smokers to quit is to make a series of adverts featuring people like you, who have quit and gone on to do stupendous things (things they could never have contemplated/accomplished when they were smokers).

Thank you so much for dropping in and sharing that with us. :)


Way to go!

You are an inspiration. If I ever think of faltering (I haven't, promise!), I will remember your success story. Thank you for sharing it here.

Hope more subscribers to this site hear about you.

All in the same boat and all going for gold!



Wow if this isn't the most inspirational post I have seen I don't know what is! Huge well done to you x


Epic example of what you can do being a non-smoker :)


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