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Morning Day ??

I think its day 12 for me (or it will be at 12 o'clock).

Been a bit of a tough morning due to issues at home, no ****** water argghhh! But sure a fag isnt going to bring it back on!

Anyways, away for a night away with the hubby tonight to see Riverdance, so excited but also a bit weary as normally we're smoking but I dont need fags to enjoy myself!

How's everyone doing? xx:

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I'm doing fine and dandy Mrs Mash. It's good to see you strong and determined, long may it continue :)

Enjoy your night away, I've always wanted to see Riverdance, I expect a report when you return :D

Molly x


Hey Mrs M,

I would go one further and suggest not only do you not need fags for a good night tonight but not having any will make your night MUCH better due to the fact that you can snuggle into the nice padded seat for the show and not have to think AT ANY POINT through the show 'oohhh when is this going to end so I can go for a ciggie'. You can just relax and take in those crazy legs without the stress of having to rush outside with the smokers aaahhh bliss :D


Hiya Mrs M, you're doing brilliantly :D

Don't stress your night out - it will be better 'cos you can enjoy the show without getting squirmy wanting to go out and smoke and without wondering if you pong :p

Have a good one :)


Mrs M, what a lovely treat hope you have a great time, well done on day 12 btw... awesome, and thanks so much for your support recently, means alot xx


Hi MrsMash. Well done for knocking the fags into space. Enjoy the show :)


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