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Man v Fags: Day 4

Hiya everyone,


Hope you're all doing well :)

I'm now 3 days 19 hours in. Almost at the 100 hour mark.

Interesting's actually been quite a tough slog

today. I've only gone and had some bl**dy cravings.

Boo hiss!

Nothing too terrible, I'm not about to kick the cat, or quit the

quit, but certainly noticeably worse than the previous three days.

I wonder whether it's a "Friday Feeling"? It's been a pretty busy

week at work, so my mind has been largely occupied.

I plan on having a relaxing weekend, so maybe I'm subconsciously

concerned about having too much time on my hands.

Or perhaps I just over-think these things, lol :D

Either way, if having time to relax is a "trigger", then c'est la vie.

Once I get this weekend out of the way, then I'll have beaten it!

Anyway, it's about time I had a bit of a struggle.

Bring it on, nic-demon! Who are ya? Who are ya?

Stay tuned. Thanks again for reading and your encouragement.



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Go Steve :D:D:D


It's definitely that Friday feeling for me!! I've struggled today

Fridays/ weekends are all about ME time, fags, couple of drinks, some nice food and relaxing...

It's just going to take a few adjustments and in the long run it will be so worth it!

Your doing well, keep it up and have a great weekend :-)


70 hours for me, Steve. I know exactly what you mean. I almost crushed my poor computer mouse in my clenched fist this afternoon.

I don't expect tomorrow to be noticeably easier but next week will be. It's only once.


Don't give the cravings an inch!!

Hi Steve, you're doing well mate so hang on in there and don't let the nicotine monster have any head space at all. Trust me, he is sneaky, give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

I played this game with him, it took a while for me to suss him out, cos he sure is a pushy little devil, but I found the less time I gave him the weaker he got. At first he is strong and he grinds away at you. If this doesn't work he leaves you for a short while and then tries a different approach. He sure is crafty. Months down the line and he still tries to hit you with a surprise attack, but I found him to be mardy player, because when he knows he's not winning, he backs off for a while. Don't get me wrong, he still tries, but the good thing is that his attacks get weaker and we get stronger.


I hear you!!

Today's been ok for me until near home time, must be that Friday feeling as you say but we'll beat it, it's just another day!!

Just getting my son ready for bed then it's me time :-)

Everyone's doing brilliantly and it's great there's so many of us going through it together!


All of you are doing BRILLIANTLY!!!! Seriously, I am so pleased there are so many new quitters as you can all support each other. You will all know what each is going through it is tremendous much needed support for the early days:)


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