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Hello all again. Onwards to day two and going strong although incredibly tired, I think that is what is hitting me more as little to no sleep last night. Have posted a picture in my album so at least you know who is behind the random ramblings. Good luck to you all on day two, with you all in spirit. And many thanks to all you kind people who offered your words of support and encouragement yesterday, as always it is truly appreciated. DB

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Thank you Karri, exhaustion being the better part of valour I m sure I will. Have a super day. DB


I have the same problems with sleeping. Its the only thing that is getting to me. I know it will get better but it just makes everything else 10x harder when sleep deprived.

Stay strong :)


I had it too and I agree that it's one of the more difficult withdrawal symptoms. I still get the odd iffy night but generally (I'm now in week 5) all is back to normal on the sleep front.


Sleep deprivation is torture !!

Poor you :(

But it does pass - wk 8 for me and tho I've never been a great sleeper I'm getting better quality sleep than I ever did as a smoker - all those sleepless nights feeling guilty and worrying about my health!

Stick with it DB - be stronger every day. Sending positive thoughts your way



I felt the same for the first few days - it was so bad one night that I stayed up all night! I never knew there were so many strange side effects to quitting!


DB - your sleep will go back to normal shortly - I was always really jealous of these people who got out of bed refreshed in the mornings as I was always a "get a crow bar out to get me from my pit" - since giving up the fags I am now one of these people!!!

I also find that I sleep more soundly now. Maybe due to the fact that its a way of the body healing ??

Good luck with your quit - your doing great!


Hi Db, hope you get abetter sleep tonight. I am on day 2 aswell, its hard going but we will get there :)


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