Constantly Tired

HI please can anyone tell me if they feel tired still.

I am on my second month and feel constantly tired no energy at all ,body just feels heavy like lead. ive felt this way ever since i quit and each day i hope i will wake to find i feel better, but no still feeling extremely tired.

I just wondered has any one else found this to be the case in their quit.

many thanks

love ali xx

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  • Hi Ali,

    I had to come home from work today as I felt like my limbs where made of concrete. I have not been sleeping well either. I have been putting this down to other things.

    Do you have anything else going on in your life which perhaps could be contributing to this?

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    Love Gaynor xx

  • Hi gaynor,

    sorry to hear you feel the same thats exactly how i feel. but most days by 1 pm i have to lay down have no energy for anything. like you i do not sleep well am constantly waking and my head is so alert, i take an antidepressant and sleeping pill to help sleep but still no better.

    I just hope this does not last for much longer.the only thing which has got better is my breathing and no coughing.....

    PLus i am eating for 6 ha ha. was wondering if its sugar levels or something ?

    hope you feel better soon too.

    lots of love ali xx

  • I actually sleep more as a non smoker, if I try to manage on the 4-6 hours of sleep that I used to have as a smoker I am knackered I now tend to have 8 hours a night, much more normal!

  • Hi Ali,

    I am also taking the same medication as you apart from the sleeping tablet. I do have more energy not smoking but not the will to use it. Constant battle going on in my head at the mo. I think what we are both experiencing is probably not so much linked to the not smoking.

    Have you been to your GP about? Maybe a good idea if not.

    Are any other quitters out there feeling the same??

    My breathing is a thousand times better & cough practically non existant also :D

    I am sure we will get this sorted in time. Feel free to PM me if you want to.

    Love & hugs Gaynor xx

  • Hi Ali and Gaynor :D

    Sorry you're feeling so tired all the time at the moment I have the odd day now when I feel utterly weary and like Nic find that i need more sleep than I used to as a smoker

    If this continues to be a real problem please go to Dr and ask him what's causing it


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, 8 hours

    I actually sleep more as a non smoker, if I try to manage on the 4-6 hours of sleep that I used to have as a smoker I am knackered I now tend to have 8 hours a night, much more normal!

    Cor, what I wouldn't give :eek:

    Love Gaynor xx;)

  • Hi everyone ,

    Big thanks for all replies,

    I have booked in to see my doctor ,he is on holiday at moment but got an appointment for 1st july. so will see how things go untill then hopefully it

    will improve ,fingers crossed.

    Hope you feel better today gaynor.

    lots of love ali xx

  • Morning Ali,

    Glad you have got an appointment, let us know what he says. I for one will be very interested :)

    I did sleep better last night, thankyou for asking. Maybe because I knew I wasn't gonna go to work today so knew I could sleep till whenever. Feel sick as well as everything else now though :mad: Blimey, I am really getting fed up with myself now LOL.

    Have a good day Ali, keep strong. Am there with you :p

    Love Gaynor xx

  • Thought I'd contribute to this one as I am nearly six months quit and suffering bad lows and lack of sleep and tired all the time. Originally I was prescribed tablets but I am instead dealing with it in an alternative way. So, I wonder if what some of us are suffering is a type of a grieving process. Kind of like quitting smoking is a loss of something that was a massive part of our lives. Maybe. Or maybe I amjust clutching at straws, or its something physical! That about covers them all I reckon!

  • That about covers them all I reckon!

    Hi Fiona,

    That made me chuckle.

    That's just the problem though isn't it, I mean actually pinpointing the cause of whatever we are feeling.

    Obviously it is easy to lay it at the door of quitting but at what stage do we think well maybe it's not & it's something else :confused:

    I know a lot of what I am feeling is not because of quitting as it was there before :(

    Oh well, I am sure we will get all our niggles sorted out & we will be healthy ex-smokers into the bargain :D

    Love & hugs Gaynor xx

  • I have a theory that for some of us nicotine was a stimulant that kept us artificially awake and alert, in the same way as amphetamines.

    When we quit we have to return to a natural state, and get used to that. IME the most rapid changes are seen before the 4/5 month point but there is still plenty of adjustment/healing still to go through, I am seeing continued improvements in my sleep patterns, breathing and fitness especially recovery rate.

  • Am I weird - answers on postcards

    Hi Nic,

    I guess because we can't see what is happening in our bodies it is easy to overlook or not understand that it is gonna take TIME to heal the damage we have done to our bodies over time smoking. It doesn't all magically disappear as soon as we stop.

    I for one wish I had the ability to actually see what was going on in there. Does that make me a bit weird :eek:

    Love Gaynor xx

  • I for one wish I had the ability to actually see what was going on in there.Does that make me a bit weird :eek:

    I quite fancy the idea of a bit xray vision too, that would most certainly wake me up! ;)

  • You wimmin have no right to be feeling lethargic and all wishy washy, you have too much to do with housework, cooking, and looking after kids and more important hubbies/partners.

    Seriously though I think Nic has got it spot on with regard to the stimulant bit, I have never had so many aches and pains either. David

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