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Hello month 4!!


Well I made it....got to month 4 (by calendar days)....on day 98 today...3 months completed and I couldnt be more chuffed! :D

I was really worried about the christmas and new year season, more so new year....as its the first time Ive had a drink....and you know what, it didnt bother me! Still no patches, but did have my ecig (just in case...would rather that than an actual ciggie!)

Its been a battle let me say, it has not been all up-hill though....quitting smoking is an exciting time, its not just about about quitting, its about re-discovering yourself (at least it was for me).

To all of you on Day 1, or to those in coming to the end of the first 7 days, PLEASE stay strong, keep going....this is a tough road, I know, Im still on it, but its getting easier!!!!

Happy New Year!! :D

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Thanks debbieh.....I thought I was going to lose it a few weeks ago! Im glad I didnt though, although it was hard pulling free, Im hoping its not going to be that hard if it happens again!! :)

Well done magicmom....xxxx

Congratulations! :D

It's so helpful to hear how other member's jouneys are going. Gives us all hope :)

well done! that amazing hon, the hard work really does pay off!

Luckily this this does get easier, but also I think when hard times hit...the longer you have quit the harder it comes to jack that in for the sake of a fag, which is a good thing!

Your well on your way xxx

awww shucks you guys...

Thankyou all!

It has been hard, and its true, I dont think about smoking now. For the first time a couple of weeks ago, I watched my my OH light up, and didnt get a pang of any sort at all! In fact I kinda turned my nose up! (OH was SO not impressed! lol) but it wasnt the ciggie that did it, it was the thought of inhaling all that crap into my lungs....

I still get little moments though, had one yesterday where I thought "oOooo Ive got a crave!"..but rather than finding it disappointing or worrying, I found it settling...to know that my journey isnt quite complete, but is well on its way and to helps to have one every now and then I think...keeps you grounded :) I enjoy them in a way to be fair. :D

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