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Hey all

I have decided to quit smoking, so naturally, found this place.

I have decided to quit because my Dad is a heavy smoker was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

I usually smoke around 15 a day, but only really smoke half a ciggy, for some reason.

Yesterday I had 3, and today I have had 1.

In peoples experience is it better to just quit straight off, or quit gradually?


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Thanks a lot :)


Welcome to possibly the best no smoking forum in the world :D

If you have cut down to 1 a day that is excellent! :D ask yourself,why have 1 at all? why not just have-none.You are just clinging onto a hideous self harming addiction-let go and learn to fly :D

Now read lots and post lots so we can help you lots :p

Thanks :)

I think half the problem is that usually I can quite easily not have a ciggy for hours and hours, like 10 hours or so, if the situation arises whereby i can't smoke, which is fine..

But as soon as I'm decided to quit, the urge to smoke seems to get stronger... Its very strange. Almost like my mind is now thinking of stopping so it wants it more.

Very strange.


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