No Smoking Day
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For all taking the plunge today

Congratulations you have made the best decision you can ever make for your health and wealth

For the first timers amongst you, my best advice is distraction, always have an armoury of "things to do" to take your mind off your cravings, I believe boredom is the biggest enemy for the newbie, my personal favourites are crossword puzzles, the joke thread on here and running on the spot really quickly/jumping jacks for 30 seconds, by the time you get your breath back you will have forgotten all about having a cig;) Alternatively get on here and post, there is always a wise, caring member here who will know exactly what you are going through and will support you every step of the way. :)

I would also advise "managing" your quit, embrace every new benefit as it arrives (you will be amazed how many there are, from sense of smell to warmer hands and feet etc, etc!) and learn how to deal with the bad bits, unfortunately these are usually quite intense and although they really do get easier as time goes by, those early days can be really tough and your perception will be warped as your brain will do anything to get it's hit :mad:, read up on why you feel this way, understanding is key to getting through this and the more you "bat" away these moments, the easier it gets and before you know it those intense cravings become "annoying" thoughts that are easily dismissed. :rolleyes:

Please just try to bear in mind that even though at times this feels impossible, it is doable, there is a penthouse full of non-smokers who were once where you are now, I am only five months into my life as a non-smoker but the way I feel at the moment there is no way I ever want to smoke again - I can clearly remember the early days of feeling like a zombie and my every waking thought being about a cig but I promise you, this does disappear after a while.:)

For all of those getting back into the quitting saddle, you know what you're up against and you have my utmost respect for going for it again - I admire your tenacity and determination to kick Nic into touch and show him the door once and for all. THE YEAR THE DEMON WAS EXORCISED

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Great post Jen when you moving in to get me thru this x

I'm already there in spirit xxxx


Terrific post stuffed full of top advice,thoroughly recommended to quitters old and new! :D

Doing a superb job here Jenn :D Happy New year to you by the way x

Thank you Max, and the very best for 2014 xxx


Thank you!

Excellent post, just what I needed to read today :-)


Thank You...

I shall read this till I'm blue in face...

Great Inspirational post for us all :)



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