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Princess Day 12

Good morning all,

I was in such a rush this morning that I forgot to put my patch on! :eek:

Im ok though at the moment. I can go home at lunch time and pop one on so I only have to survive a few hours.

Took the patch off my arm last night and no irritation. I think it does react differently in different places.

Hope everyone is ok today :)


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Hello Princess and well done on reaching Day 12! :)

You may surprise yourself and find that you sail through the morning quite well without your patch.....lovely surprises can happen when you are quitting! But ,of course, go home and pop it on at lunchtime.............I'm a firm believer in taking the whole course of anything, to make sure it can work to it's best effect. :)

Do let us know how the morning goes! :)




Hello Princess, do you have a stock of lozenges to keep you going? Keep yourself distracted and you should be fine. I am sending positive thoughts ;)


yep i have lozenges here :)

I cant concentrate on my work this morning, Im so easily distracted by the internet haha

Well atleast im distracting myself from thinking of fags too :D


MMMMmmmm Prince Charming.... Dribble

Well thats kept my mind off ciggys for a few more mins, thanks Max.

I Dub thee a royal knight :D


Thanks for your support John :)

Nearly lunch time :D


the patch is now on. Ive decided to try under my 'over the shoulder boulder holder' strap. Heard of that one Max? hehoho

Im still lacking in concentration and motivation at work, Im blaming my quit for it. Hopefully I will get away with it :rolleyes:


Big test tonight

Xmas dinner with the work colleagues at the pub. :eek:

Wish me luck


Thanks, I will think hahaha its cold outside and im all cosy in here ;)

Just got to remember to think the right things :D


Whoops so far behind now your on day 12 that's brilliant onwards and upwards! Good luck at your meal tonight. X


Hope you are doing ok and haven't been tempted I have my Xmas drinks next week I will be strong and not give in xx


Hope you have a great smoke free night Princess:)


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