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Any advice living in a house with smoking parents and trying to quit?

So, I'm almost 23 been smoking since I was a teen and about 20 or so a day for the past 5 years. My parents smoke, and my closest friends do to.

I've been feeling like I want to quit for a while, I don't feel well, I've been having panic attacks and chest pains and recently an ex-colleague quit, when I first saw after maybe two months I was taken back by how good she looked, a million bucks seriously. She told me if she can do it anyone can.

So she advised I buy patches, I did but hated them, on my first day of quitting I stopped at midnight the night before and lasted till 4pm then I had 4 till the end of the day. The next day I had one in morning but not until I had finished getting ready, I usually have one after waking.

My problem is that I feel fine until I smell my parents smoking, until I go to the kitchen and see a pack of smokes on the bench, and I know I can have I do. I've smoked considerably less then I used however, I just like to know any tips or advice for quitting in a house of smokers.

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I have people smoking around the house too.

And this was the trick for me tonight. I found the pack,

held a cigarette in my hands and just thought I should have only one.

But I didn't!

Just walk away, eat something, enjoy a lollipop, post sth here

so as to get it out of your system. If u really want to quit find ways to do

so and give it your best shot! If possible also ask your parents to smoke outside.

They will smell like smoke when they get back in the house but

that is sth you will have to deal with. Keep trying and let us know how it goes!


Thanks...I'm going to go stay with my sister for a while. She's a non-smoker and lives in a flat suburb, I live in a very hilly suburb so I'm more likely to go for walks and things when I'm bored and want one.


livng with a smoker is harder only if you let it get to you at some point though you will automatically know when they have lit a ciggie as the smell will hit you very quickly you can ask that they only smoke in one room or let you know when they are going to smoke so you can leave having some plug in air fresherners will help mask the smell and scented candles too


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